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Season’s Eatings


You know deep inside of yourself that food and mealtimes could be a source of ease, love, joy, and pleasure. But with toys and mail covering the dining table, dishes you serve over and over again that leave you feeling uninspired (hello pasta with red sauce, anyone?) and countless family activities competing for your attention, those dreamy mealtimes are, well, dreams.

Do you feel like your family dinner routine could use a burst of inspiration?

SE_Sleeves_Cooking_Together_TextThis is what we do in season’s eatings ~ explore and practice an attitude towards food and family dinner time that celebrates the simple pleasures of cooking and eating together with the ones we love.

SE_Collage_Joy_GreensFor two weeks, we’ll take a tour of all four seasons, exploring the cooking techniques that fit just right for the time of the year. We’ll talk about how to get grounded and centered so you can truly enjoy feeding and nourishing yourself and your family.

I believe that cooking can be a source of joy, fun, and connection in our lives. I know how good it feels to have a repertoire of delicious dinners you can whip together to feed a few or a crowd. And I believe that one of the secrets to enjoyable family dinners is to include everyone, especially the kids, in the preparations, rituals, and routines of the evening meal.

SE_Text_familydinnerIn season’s eatings, we explore together how to create the kind of meals, routines, and rituals that can bring this vision to life. I believe that teaching our children how to cook alongside us helps them grow in so many ways. They love being trusted to try new tasks and they flourish when they are invited to take on new responsibilities.

Over the course of this two-week journey, we will explore recipes for healthy meals that are made from whole food ingredients. The dishes are simple and I share ideas for how to assign some of the preparation tasks to any co-chefs, whether they be children, partners, friends, or neighbors. The cooking methods are straight-forward and can be prepared with basic kitchen equipment you are likely to already have in your cupboards.

SE_Collage_Sunny_CitrusAs the name suggests, much of what we will talk about in season’s eatings is how to align your kitchen rhythms with those of the natural world around us. It is so amazing when we eat more of what’s in season in our own backyard. And we’ll explore the cooking techniques that fit best with each particular time of the year.

Spring ~ a time of renewal, green pea shoots, asparagus, and bright-tasting foods.
Summer ~  over-ripe fruits, grilled everything, and fresh from the garden salads.
Fall ~ the temperature cools and we are ready to turn on the oven again, make applesauce from the orchard, and tuck into delicate soups with freshly baked bread.
Winter ~ the energy of busy holidays as well as deep hibernation and coziness, making us crave roasted vegetables, heart-warming slow-cooked stews, and bright citrus to bring cheer to the shorter days.



  • Twelve emails from me, three for each of the seasons
  • Four printable cookbooks, one for each season, yours to keep and work from forever
  • Exploration of cooking techniques and philosophy to create a connected, seasonal kitchen
  • Several pretty, printable cooking charts to bring more ease to your dinner routine
  • A dozen printable dinner-table conversation starters for each season
  • Connection in an online circle with like-minded mamas and caregivers
  • Live conversations with me in our private Facebook group
  • Other surprises and goodies as we go along together

You can think of me as your seasonal dinner doula, right there to support and inspire you to connect with yourself and your family in the kitchen and around the dinner table.

I am passionate about helping people connect with their intentions and their intuitions in the everyday moments. The kitchen can be a place to practice joy, gratitude, and peace. And the family dinner table can be a source of fun and connection with the ones you love most. I love what the gorgeous souls who have taken this journey before shared with me:

“Leah tapped into something that I needed, and I wonder if many of us have forgotten – food is joyful, often so simple, and since it’s a daily necessity, brings good feelings that can be indulged in every day.”

“We are having so much fun together and will definitely be signing up in the future.”

“My daughter and I (age 4) are having a great time preparing meals together – she enjoys trying all the new things we’ve encountered and all the serious cooking responsibilities she undertakes. Thank you for facilitating this experience!”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! My daughter and I had a great time cooking our recipes together…she was chopping and eating tons of vegetables with a smile on her face…this program is working!”

SE_Collage_Eggs_Connected_Applesour journey of soul=nourishment begins Monday, October 5th

Normally the tuition for this seven-day course is $59 and you would definitely be getting your money’s worth! But I don’t want anyone to miss out on this information because of the tuition.

When you decide to join Season’s Eatings, here is how the registration works:

  • Click on the “register now” button at the bottom of this page
  • Edit the tuition in the yellow highlighted box to the amount you can pay
  • Choose any amount in dollars and cents over the $5.00 minimum
  • Select the checkout button to complete your registration with a PayPal account or any credit or debit card
  • You’ll promptly receive an email confirmation that you’ve enrolled in the course

register now

pay what you can!
suggested course tuition $59
October 5th ~ 17th

Have a question for me?
Please email me, Leah Kent, at –
I love hearing from you!


26 thoughts on “Season’s Eatings

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  5. Yay! We’re signed up here on the West Coast and cannot wait to start!

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  8. We’re looking forward to some fall dishes! yum!

  9. Sounds intriguing! We are a vegetarian family (pescetarian to be exact). Do you offer a meat free meal plan?

    • Wendi,
      Season’s Eatings has lots of vegetarian options in addition to those that include meat and seafood. Vegetarian or vegan families are likely to get much inspiration from the course as so much of the content is focused on cooking and eating together in any way that you enjoy best. We’d love to have you join us on the journey!

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  13. Can you share the recipe titles/descriptions we’d be making in this series? Thanks!

    • Hi Shannon!
      Season’s Eatings includes a range of recipes including all food groups. There will be some recipes that work for gluten-free, vegetarian, or vegan families. Much of the course content is focused on cooking and eating together in any way that you enjoy best. We’d love to have you join us on the journey and please feel free to email me skillitri{at}gmail{dot}com with any specific questions!

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