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Heart & Soul Cooking

Heart & Soul CookingWhat’s the difference between food that just fills us up and food that nourishes us from the inside out? Here at Skill It, we know it’s the Heart & Soul that goes into the dish from the start. Because you know that difference you can taste at the table? It comes from you…

Food, eating, and cooking are an everyday pleasure. Gathering around the table, sharing a meal and a conversation…this is a delicious way to express our love to family and friends. When you’re the one doing most of this cooking and giving, it can be easy to get lost in the planning and work of it all.

HSC_For_Your_NourishmentEveryday for the 7 days of this journey, you’ll get an email love note from me to you. Inside, you’ll find inspiration, words of encouragement, pretty images, and simply delicious recipes.

Heart & Soul Cooking: beauty everydayHere’s what we’ll be talking about in Heart & Soul Cooking:

How to cook with an intention, not just a recipe
Creating simple family traditions that are uniquely yours
Ideas for connecting with friends & neighbors with home-made gifts
Recipes for big batches & slow-cookers to feed a crowd
Ways to bring a spirit of celebration to the everyday…

Heart & Soul Cooking is more than a class, it’s a community. There is a beautiful online space where we can all gather to share our stories and successes. This is the place where I’ll be checking in everyday and offering extra support where you need it. It’s a big, virtual dinner table where we can each pull up a chair and sip on a nice hot cup of tea together…

The work you do to nurture yourself and everyone around you is important. We know this because we do it, too. And we know that being reminded of WHY we’re doing it is the first step to infusing your daily routines with just a little more ease, and a lot more joy.

We want to honor and support you and your work, so we are offering Heart & Soul Cooking as a gift from us to you.

Yes, this class is free! All you have to do is enter your name & email to join this experience and this community…

We hope you’ll be inspired to share this with the other lovely women in your life who are doing this work, too. If you have a friend who would love to know about this, please feel free to forward this link to them so they can sign-up, too! Heart & Soul Cooking is a place to celebrate connection and community, so the more that join our table, the livelier our conversation will be.


registration currently closed
sign-up here to receive updates for future sessions

The recipes are achievable and the message is inspirational. You can go at your own pace and soak up the content in whatever way works best for you.

It’s a time and place to notice all the goodness around us
It’s for you if you’re ready to find more pleasure in the everyday
It’s a way to feel more connected to yourself and the food you eat
It’s for anyone who believes in the power of a home-cooked meal

Above all, this class is a celebration of YOU!

Are you ready infuse your kitchen with more meaning and a heaping scoop of love?

Heart & Soul to register now!We can’t wait to celebrate the spirit of cooking with heart & soul with you…

If you have a question, please send an email to Leah, skillithome {at} gmail {dot} com and we’ll get back to you right away!



Leah Kent


One thought on “Heart & Soul Cooking

  1. Leah, this is very exciting! I’m eager to hear your insights into being the food-preparer for the family, which can become such an arduous task for me. Thank you for following this leading, which I’m sure will bless many. (Jude introduced this to me, and I have forwarded the information to a few friends here in PA as well.)

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