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Feathering the Nest

Feathering the Nest

Do you ever wonder if the home environment that surrounds you is supporting the life that you are dreaming of? Take a minute and look around the room. What do you see? Are there more than a few corners that need some loving?

You are in the right place

Feathering the Nest is a beautiful, two week journey created to guide you into making your home a beautiful space that mirrors the love & dreams you hold in your soul.

Leah Cherry and Stephanie PerkinsonYour guides, Stephanie & Leah, will help you connect with your deepest desires & favorite things. Then we’ll show you creative and simple ways to have those desires reflected back at you, as you make your house into a nurturing soul-space.

We support and guide you room by room as you begin to infuse your essence into each corner, through writing prompts and creative projects.

We know you want to feel cozy, nourished, and relaxed when you spend time in your living space. We also know you share this space with other beautiful beings in your life and it can be a challenge to balance all of that vibrant energy. Feathering the Nest will show you the many ways that you can create your home into a cocoon that fills ALL of you up when you walk through its welcoming doors.

“I am totally loving this course. I truly feel the emotions in myself changing as I venture deeper into my soul as I make choices for my home in a different way.”

As artists, designers, and makers of the home ourselves, we know the importance of creating a setting to root into and bloom. We have gathered resources from far & wide, sprinkled a little fairy dust on them and brought them together into one beautiful, fulfilling space to share with you.

Feathering the Nest Bedding and Buddha

Our greatest hope is that together, we can honor the important work that goes into creating a loving, supportive, and beautiful place to call home.

“I am truly loving the emails and the desire and momentum they bring to make changes in my home. I feel an eagerness for shifting ‘stuff’ that I haven’t felt in a while, and am seeing my rooms with a different eye – thank you.”

Over our 2 weeks together you’ll receive prompts for writing, creative projects, yummy recipes, printables that you can use over and over again and a guided journey for unearthing what your soul wants to feel when it is at home._

A little of what you can expect:

  • Inspiring exercises to draw out your dreams & desires
  • Step-by-step tutorials for beautiful, creative projects
  • A gorgeous Feng Shui & Home Chakra map for your nest
  • Tools and resources for carving out spaces of retreat & rejuvenation
  • Ideas for energizing and bringing life into your rooms
  • Recipes for natural, lovely-smelling cleansers
  • A sacred space online to share inspiration, photos, projects, and more

Get ready to engage all of your senses – touch, sight, smell, taste and even sound!  Let us help you gently coax the unique beauty in your home out into the open, no matter its shape or size, so that you and your loved ones feel at ease as they move through each space.

Feathering the Nest Images

“I am over the moon delighted to have participated in Feathering the Nest. Having just moved into a new home, I needed something other than unpacking boxes of clothes and plates. Working through your amazing prompts reminded me what was important about creating a hOMe. Thank you ever so much for the inspiration you provided to really be alive in our new home.”

We understand that with e-courses you might feel that there is an expectation to keep up. In Feathering the Nest, we ENCOURAGE you to go at your own pace and soak everything in…there is no right or wrong way to nest.

We believe that loving your home is like loving your body – it’s a practice that forges a deep & meaningful connection to your soul. And it just gets better & better over time.

In Feathering the Nest, you will make your home a place to unwind and connect, gather for cozy dinners, and nourish yourself in everyday moments.

Together, we can make your space a reflection of the beauty and grace that is YOU.

Feathering the Nest

registration is currently closed for 2015


If you have a question about Feathering the Nest, please email us and we’ll get back to you right away:

“This class has been truly amazing…although we have plans to remodel someday, I was reminded through this class that I could do small changes to make it feel better. And so much of it has to do with energy. My mindset has totally changed and I feel so much gratitude in the space.”

“Thank you Leah and Stephanie, for sharing this course with us. I will think of you often as I’m clearing clutter, freeing up space, freshening up and bringing in new energy. I believe our home is a reflection of our inner thoughts and dreams…and I’ll continue to let that come out in my home – my sanctuary. xoxoxo”


24 thoughts on “Feathering the Nest

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  5. I am very excited to be joining you for this wonderful course. Thank you for offering it as a prize through inside out. I am a very grateful winner.

  6. I so want to be a part of this journey…I am facing some serious health issues ahead and cannot take part this time around. PLEASE remember me for the next “Feathering the Nest” journey! I wish you all good health and joyful days…Nickie

  7. I´ve allready registered!!! I can’t wait for it to start!!!!!

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  9. This sounds fantastic! I would love to feather my bedroom the most!

  10. This looks amazing. I have been awful about just having a very functional house (which, frankly, isn’t all that functional sometimes even) that’s completely devoid of personality. If there’s warmth at all, it’s by complete accident. I never know what to do when I try to think about decorating, so I get completely overwhelmed and just leave everything all bare and as-is. 🙂

  11. Since I live with seven other people, my private spaces could use some amazing loving!

  12. I would love to win, I have lost track of who i Really am outside of wife and mum and this would be a cool way to find “me”!

  13. I journeyed with Feathering the Nest earlier this year, shortly after moving into my (almost) dreamhome Craftsman bungalow. The course brought forth so much lovlieness – especially in my bedroom which I’m pleased to say has had a great result! – but I’m joining the course again because life has a way of throwing curveballs – I’m now on the brink of moving, and moving into a small modern condo. Big change! I need inspiration and nurturing, and I know Feathering the Nest is just the place to find it.

  14. Put a Bird On It
    by Merrick Weaver

    Three weeks ago, in a fit of exasperation induced by too much stuff and postpartum hormones, I snarked to my husband, “I mean, really, Jesse? You’re an interaction designer. Why don’t you start using a design eye around the house? Does that belong there? Does it increase the aesthetic? Create better functionality? Ask yourself: IS THIS REALLY THE BEST PLACE TO PUT MY SHOES???!?!?!?!?!” Sarcasm rarely has the motivational force we hope it will.

    I had my second baby last March. My nesting instinct is overruled by extreme nausea & vomiting, so things get pretty disorganized while I’m gestating. At the end of my pregnancy, my dad, visiting our house, looked around at the mayhem (not the magical sort) and said, “It looks like four families live here.” Then he asked, “Is there something that people do, you know, like put price tags on everything and have people come in and buy stuff?”

    “Yeah, Dad. It’s called an estate sale.”

    I proceeded to give birth, nested with the toddler and the babe, and then started digging us out of the chaos, insulting my husband along the way. I would like to use my design eye in a new way around our home, taking some of the design heat off Jesse. And I could use some inspiration more profound than putting price tags on all of our stuff and opening the front door. All due respect to my dear old dad.

  15. I would really love to get some inspiration for my bedroom!

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