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Deliciously Slow


Have you ever wished for extra time during the day or week to do something you love while still putting a nourishing meal on the table each night? Living a full, healthy, and creative life can feel like you always have to choose between a whole bunch of equally important tasks and desires. How can we feed and nourish our bodies and still fuel our creative spirit?

I love cooking and I adore helping others find their own rhythm and confidence in the kitchen. I’m also an artist, mama, wife, and entrepreneur and I know what it feels like to wear so many hats. Because I want to do it all and have it all, I’ve been gathering secrets and tips for years that help me get more time out of each day. My favorite tool in my toolbox of all? My slow cooker.

I want to help you and share my secrets for using your slow cooker to have the best of both worlds – the healthy, home-cooked meals and extra time to work on the projects and endeavors you care about.

IMG_3629I don’t believe we need to choose between nourishing ourselves and pursuing our passions.

That’s what I want to share with you in Deliciously Slow, a seven day course to help you prepare healthy meals that satisfy your appetite while creating more time to pursue the things you love.

In Deliciously Slow, the focus is on creating ease, simplicity, and space in your daily, weekly, and monthly rhythms. We’ll get there together by making meals more efficiently with both our time and energy.

With a slow cooker, you can:
prepare food in the morning and come home to a warm evening meal
make big batches so you cook once and eat twice
save money on your food budget using bulk dry goods
cook on the weekend and freeze meals for the week ahead

Together for seven days, we’ll be cooking delicious food and talking about the many ways you can put your slow cooker to work for you. Then you’ll get to decide what you’ll be doing to relax and nourish yourself with the extra time you’ve created!

Here is what you’ll get with Deliciously Slow…

  • Seven emails from me, delivered each morning to your inbox
  • A full-color, printable guide and recipe book, yours to keep and cook from forever
  • More than thirty recipes for healthy slow cooker meals, including dinners, breakfast, and more
  • Vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free and gluten-free options
  • Exploration of cooking techniques for time-saving and budget-friendly cooking
  • Access to our online circle to connect with other class participants
  • Live conversations with me in our private Facebook group

I am committed to choosing, preparing and serving meals that are as nutritious and healthy as possible for me and my family. So my slow cooker is always packed with nourishing ingredients – whole grains, lean proteins, legumes, and vegetables.


The recipes in Deliciously Slow are the best I’ve come across and I think you’ll like them, too. While they explore a wide range of flavors and tastes, the common thread throughout is a focus on ease and simplicity.

IMG_4469This means we’ll stick to recipes where you do a little chopping and measuring, then toss everything in the crock, turn it on and walk away. No browning or sautéing ingredients in a pan before adding them to the slow cooker! While your new best friend in the kitchen is doing its work for you, the only thing left for you to do is decide how to spend your extra free time.

When I asked people what they wanted to learn about their slow cooker, they had a lot of great responses:

Is it safe to leave my slow cooker on while I’m away from the house?
How can I cook meals that don’t all taste the same?
Are there good vegan and vegetarian dishes I can make in a slow cooker?
Can I make anything other than soup or pot roast?

I’ll be answering these questions and more during the seven days of Deliciously Slow.

Putting my slow cooker to work in my kitchen has made a big, positive impact on my household. I love that I could make dinner first thing in the morning before walking out the door and heading into the office. With a new baby, I can make dinner during his morning nap so my hands are free when he’s a bit fussier in the evening.

Knowing that I’ve got a healthy dinner waiting for me at the end of the day makes me feel relaxed and stress-free. And on days when the slow cooker is making dinner for our family, I usually find that I have extra time to work on a knitting project, read a book, or just get outside and move my body.


Because I want Deliciously Slow to serve and help as many people as possible, I’m offering this class as “pay-what-you-can.”

Normally the tuition for this seven-day course is $39 and you would definitely be getting your money’s worth! But I don’t want anyone to miss out on this information because of the tuition.

IMG_1181When you decide to join Deliciously Slow, here is how the registration works:

  • Click on the “register now” button at the bottom of this page
  • Edit the tuition in the yellow highlighted box to the amount you can pay
  • Choose any amount in dollars and cents over the $5.00 minimum
  • Select the checkout button to complete your registration with a PayPal account or any credit or debit card
  • You’ll promptly receive an email confirmation that you’ve enrolled in the course

If this class sounds like it’s right for you, I would absolutely love for you to join me. I also want to ask for your help in sharing this class with those who would benefit from it. If you have two or three friends who would also enjoy Deliciously Slow, I would be so appreciative and grateful if you share this page with them! And if you want to gift someone a spot in the class, just include their email in the notes when you checkout so I can help with that, too!

I understand that with an e-course, you might feel like you need to keep up. But with Deliciously Slow, you are encouraged to go at your own pace. Cook the recipes that jump out at you first. Try a few of the ideas or all of them. How you integrate the slow cooker into your own kitchen routines is entirely up to you.

I am truly excited to be sharing all my best slow cooker recipes and techniques with you. While the course lasts just seven days, the information, guide, and recipe book will be yours to keep forever!


By the end of our journey together, you’ll feel more confident about making healthy meals with your slow cooker and have more time in your life to do the things you love. If you are ready to prepare healthy, whole-food meals and find more time to enjoy the things you love, I hope you’ll join me for Deliciously Slow!

registration is currently closed
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Have a question for me?
Please email me, Leah Kent, at –
I love hearing from you!



6 thoughts on “Deliciously Slow

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  2. I can’t believe that I missed both this and Feathering the Nest!!! Will you be offering them again? I need to check again to see if I’m actually subscribed to your gorgeous site, I thought I was! Taking your headline to mean more than just food — I gotta heed to living life ‘deliciously slow’ and in doing so, I’m sure that I’ll be taking every course you give. 🙂

    Until next time,
    ~ Dawn

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