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Hello beautiful. I want you to know that I see you. I know what it feels like to stand where you are.

You’re ready to live and love with more freedom, more joy
You believe in the power of connection, community, and celebration
You’d like to cultivate ritual, rhythm, and meaning in the everyday
You’re ready to let go of the thoughts, patterns, and habits that hold you back
Your heart yearns to expand and bloom into full self-expression

a blossoming heart is for you if these thoughts have been dancing around your mind, heart, and soul.

Together for one month, we will connect with our joy and unlock the magic we hold in our hearts. In four beautiful weeks, we’ll work with simple ideas and actions that hold the power to radically shift your mindset. Create abundance. Manifest a miracle or two.

a blossoming heart can help you create the love-drenched and joy-filled life that you want and that you deserve.

Last year, my faith was tested during a period of inner turmoil. I was feeling paralyzed, frustrated, and stuck. Powerless, even. I was waiting for so many things in my life to shift, yet had no control over the process and unfolding.

I wanted to start feeling better…right. now.

A Blossoming Heart Mountains Peonies

I knew I had to put together new routines, healthy boundaries, and commit to taking care of myself if I wanted to feel comfortable and confident in my own skin.

After more than a decade of seminars, courses, workshops, therapy, and trainings, I think of myself as someone with a well-equipped personal development toolbox. But of all the many ways I could have approached a spiritual low-point, I chose gratitude.

A daily gratitude practice is one of the simplest ways I have found to turn things around when the path is dark and murky. While it’s simple, I find that gratitude is also one of the strongest and most effective methods for cultivating peace, joy, and hope.

what makes gratitude powerfulWhat makes gratitude so powerful?

it connects you with the present moment
your awareness turns to what’s already working
acknowledging what helps you start noticing more of the same
it shifts your energy, it raises your vibration
there is no comparing to others, it’s just about you and your blessings
it’s a scientifically researched and proven method to generate happiness

Happily, achieving all these beautiful, soul-nourishing benefits can be simple and only take a few minutes a day. My favorite method, and the way we’ll approach it in a blossoming heart is what I call “micro-journaling.”

It’s a matter of writing down just a few things (usually 3-5) from the day that brought you happiness, filled your heart, or made you smile. The magic is in giving your practice a little bit of attention every day. And that is where the power of this course comes in…

  • Each morning for one month, you’ll get a short, inspiring email prompting you to think about your gratitude practice

  • You can connect with other gratitude-seekers in a private, online sacred space

  • I’ll be available to you for support and gentle accountability throughout the journey

  • Your gratitude and journaling questions will be answered by me in short and sweet video love notes

I have been working my gratitude muscle for many years and it has truly worked wonders for me. I credit this practice with helping me ease anxiety, overcome family and relationship hurdles, and weather the storms of post-partum depression.

But even when things are good and I’m feeling happy, I keep journaling my gratitude every night. Even after the big, showy flowers bloom, you still have to keep the soil moist and tend to the weeds.

Wherever you are starting with this practice is perfect. This month-long experience will meet you right where you are. The goal is just to start taking baby steps, from here to there.

A Blossoming Heart Collage Daisy

I would be so honored to be your guide as you walk your journey of letting your heart blossom. We’ll find the honey and the sweetness together. We can laugh and cry and shout and celebrate together. Whatever you need is what you will find here. But I can promise you that with so many of us coming together with the intention to find more joy in our lives, we’ll be generating a ripple of love out into the world. The gratitude of many expands and amplifies. It expands and grows bigger than any one of us.

That is power, my love. Crazy, world-shifting, awesome power.

The suggested donation for this month-long journey is $49. However, I love being able to offer my courses on a pay-what-you-can scale, including this one. My vision and mission is to help others on their paths of healing so their souls can bloom and flourish.

When you decide to join a blossoming heart, here is how the registration works:

  • Click on the “register now” button at the bottom of this page
  • Edit the tuition in the yellow highlighted box to the amount you can pay
  • Choose any amount in dollars and cents over the $5.00 minimum
  • Select the checkout button to complete your registration with a PayPal account or any credit or debit card
  • You’ll promptly receive an email confirmation that you’ve enrolled in the course

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