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Leah KentHello, my name is Leah Kent!

I am so happy you have found your way to Skill It and are interested in what I do here. I like to see myself as a holistic home economics teacher. I am passionate about helping others learn and practice the things I love doing most – those old-fashioned talents like cooking, knitting, sewing, and making a house feel like a home.

I’m also a mama to one little boy, an artist, and a designer. All the photos here are taken by me and I design beautiful, full-color guides for each of my online courses. In ways both big and small, I am always trying to make the things that surround us feel beautiful and special.

Here at Skill It, I am always on the lookout for a wonderful project, a delicious recipe, and a new way to bring more meaning and creativity to the everyday. I live a (mostly) handmade, home-cooked life and then share all the best bits of it with you.

At heart I will always be a California girl, but now I make my home in the tiny but sweet state of Rhode Island. Our family lives in a charming little bungalow built in 1941 and we are always working on our home, inside and out.

I draw on my training as a certified holistic life coach, avid home cook, and artist in each of my classes and workshops. The courses I create are all inspired by my mission: to help others live well, eat well, and celebrate the pleasures of everyday life. By focusing on food, home, and the family dinner table, the common thread in all our offerings is to create a soul-nourishing lifestyle together.

Thank you for saying hello and spending some of your lovely day with me!



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